Spanish Wills

New Wills: We strongly recommend UK Spanish Property owners to sign a Spanish Will. This is only to cover the assets in Spain, as the UK assets are taken care of by a UK Will that is 100% compatible with the Spanish one.

The reason this is so important, is to save time and money to the beneficiaries in the event of a Death.

Spanish Wills follow a strict registration procedure, in a Central Registry of Wills in Madrid. Because of this there is no need for the Will to be probated for its validity after you die, in Spain the Will is probated valid before you die.  And they cannot be easily contested.

With a Spanish Will correctly made, the beneficiaries can transfer the property or even sell it within 2 weeks. In the UK it can take easily 3 months


The wording of a Spanish Will has to be very precise and we always word them in bilingual texts Spanish English. Once the document is ready for signature, you can sign it locally to where you live in the UK in front of a Notary Public or at our London Office.

Old Wills: We can also amend or update old Spanish Wills if your circumstances have changed.

Spanish Wills

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