UK Holding Companies for Spanish Property

More and more buyers now are registering their Spanish  properties in the name of a UK Limited company, This is much more tax efficient, and looking to the future that BREXIT will bring, it is certainly worth considering.

If you already own a Spanish Property in your personal name, for a small stamp duty, we can transfer it into a UK holding company.

The ideal scenario is to purchase the property in the name of a UK Holding Company from day one, as it does not cost any more money on stamp duties and taxes than it would if you were to buy as a physical person.


The procedure is quite simple, first we form a UK limited company specifically to own the Spanish Property. Then we arrange the documents in the UK for you as the director of the company and /or whoever you appoint, so that the company can buy and sell property in Spain and open a Bank account and widely have capacity to act in Spain.

Then we register the company with the Spanish Inland Revenue and obtain a unique company tax number that is mandatory. After this, the sale procedure is just the same as it would be for an individual person buying, as explained in the Conveyancing section of this Website.

The company is governed under UK law, and unlike a physical person, it never dies. In the event of death of the shareholders, the shares are simply transferred to the beneficiaries as part of the Estate in the UK.

UK Holding Companies for Spanish Properties

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